Creative Director | Brand Identity / Design specialist


Marie Daigar, founded by Cui Xiaohong, the new artistic makeup leader in China, came to Digital Domain Shanghai to collaborate on a spot for their new product “鬼馬小蘑盒”. This is the first time they’ve tried to use 3D & Motion graphics as a visual solution, therefore we want to make sure to deliver a spot that encapsulated their brand personalities which are fun, colorful and easy to use.
The whole concept is based around moving cubes & boxes to echo with the product’s design, with different configurations and colors, we are invited into the fun world of Marie Dagar.

玛丽黛佳由中国新的艺术化妆领袖崔晓红创办,邀请Digital Domain Shanghai,为他们的新产品“鬼马小蘑盒”进行创作。 这是他们第一次尝试使用3D和动态图像作为视觉解决方案,因此我们希望设计中着重强调和表达他们品牌个性的乐趣,丰富多彩且易于使用。


Director : Helen Hsu
Designers: Helen Hsu / Donerzozo
Animation lead: Donerzozo
Animators: Evan Huang, Lucas Debrock
Editor: 商雙
Online: Rex Or
Color: 耿光耀
EP: 曾啟福
Producers: Vis Chen, Nicole Chou